Welcome to SaferWeb, learn how to recognize scams.

Nowadays, we are more and more on the Internet; we check our emails, we play, we work, etc….

However, with the advent of the Internet, many fraud techniques have arrived and citizens are not always well informed about the various dangers of the Internet.

Although the media often talk about a person who has been scammed by one means or another, this is the end of the story; it is indeed very difficult or even impossible to find a method to protect yourself from scams.

Thus, our children also find themselves on the Internet and can be prey to these dangers or even predators or other threats and there is absolutely no training to help parents or children in this case.

That’s why we decided to create this site in order to make the Internet a little safer.
We will therefore address various sensitive topics directly related to Internet security such as:

– hacking,
– spam,
– scams,
– phishing,
– social networking,
– children protection,
– viruses,
– malwares, etc.

and of course how to recognize these various dangers of the Internet because these dangers can take many forms and it can be difficult to recognize them because they can look very real.
So, to be able to avoid all these scams and problems there is a list of good practices on the internet that can help you; that is why all this will also be discussed on this site.
You will therefore learn to recognize the different scams as well as the best ways to protect yourself.
In addition, the site is regularly updated with new scams methods so that you know how to recognize them and in case of doubt we also suggest you to contact us via a form; we will then do everything possible to help you within 24 hours to detect if it is a scam or not.
Of course, never forget that you can always contact the police if you have been the victim of a scam whether or not it is on the Internet.

Services for adults


– The various dangers of the Internet
– Learn and recognize the dangers of the Internet
– Train your child in the use of the Internet and its dangers
– Training quizz
– Request for help
– Technical support 7 days a week

Services for children


– Learn and recognize the dangers of the Internet
– Learn how to react to a potential danger
– Training quizz
– Technical support 7 days a week

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