Train your child well in the use of the Internet.

former enfant internet

Before letting your child go on your computer or any other device, it is very important to train him/her well, set up some rules and explain the various dangers he/she could encounter.

Some advices.

– Establish a dialogue with your child to find out what he or she is doing on the Internet and what these interests are.
– Leave the computer in a room where you are to check what your child is doing.
– The recommended age to start on social networks is 13 years old.
– Explain to your child that not everything you find on the Internet is necessarily the truth.
– On the Internet anyone can pretend to be someone they are not, so it is very important to explain to your child to always be careful and especially not to talk to everyone.
– Similarly, when using chat programs or social networks it is equally important not to disclose personal information and never to agree to meet a person found on the Internet, it could be a malicious adult instead of an acquaintance!
– When creating your child’s Facebook profile, put your child in private rather than in public. (more informations can be found here )
– Set up times when your child can use the computer.

You can also go here to explain to him what to avoid and how to react properly on the Internet: train your children in the dangers of the Internet.

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