Recommended software to protect against the dangers of the Internet.


1. Parental control software.

For the parental control software we recommend Qustodio which is compatible with PC/MAC, smartphones and Android/IOS tablets.
It is available in 2 versions: a free and a paid version whose prices start at 30€/year.
It offers many functions such as:

– The definition of time slots for computer use.
– Blocking pornographic sites.
– Monitoring social networks.
– Game and application control
– The possibility to follow your child’s activity on the internet in real time via another device.

2. A good antivirus/firewall.

There are 2 types of solutions here: free and paid.
If you are using Windows 10, it is basic provided with an antivirus and a firewall of bases that are not bad.
Otherwise you can also find other free solutions such as Kaspersky et Avast and here Avast for Mac:

For the paid antivirus/firewall we mainly recommend Norton Internet Security whose first formula starts at 30€/year for 1 device or the deluxe formula at 50€/year for 5 devices and which supports PCs, Macs and smartphones and Android tablets and you also have a version with parental control that can be used on 10 devices for 60€/year.
This paid software, unlike free software, will detect more threats, offer higher levels of protection and have little impact on your machine’s performance.
In short, you will have understood it, although not more difficult to configure this software offers significant advantages especially if you use your PC as a work tool.

3. An advertising blocker.

A good ad blocker can block a lot of unwanted ads such as:

– Pornographic advertisements.
– Scam type ads.
– And so on…

In addition, they are generally free of charge.

As an advertising blocker we recommend AdBlock which is available for all popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Firefox).

4. Anti-malware software.

A good anti-malware program will detect it before it is installed on the computer; if it is already present, it will also effectively remove it.
As anti-malware we recommend Malewarebytes. It is available in a free version that is more than enough to solve most problems. If the problem persists there is also a paid version.
Malewarebytes can be found here: Malewarebytes.

5. A software suite to help you troubleshoot your computer.

If for any reason you are blocked by a virus or spyware and you are no longer able to use your computer, you have 2 options:
– Go to a professional.
– Use a software suite such as UBCD

Attention however, a minimum of knowledge is required for the use of UBCD.

And don’t forget to do our little Quizz on the dangers of the Internet.

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